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See what Gitte Skjold, social worker says about the course and her investment:

On a very basic level, this online programme has taught me to look at myself in a different way. It has also changed my perspective, not only in regards to the job ad, but the way I write cover letters. I have also changed my CV. I have learnt to make it more concrete and how to create a good personal profile. My personal profile was created from my assignments in the online programme, and I very quickly realized that it became easy to build up my CV. My answers to each assignment also helped me know what to write in each cover letter. It made a world of difference.
I have now realized that I actually enjoy the job application process. I have learnt how to present my self in a professional manner. I know exactly what I have to offer, meaning that I know which problems I can help each company solve. Furthermore, I have also gained great tools in regards to the job interview.
I have realized exactly what has created a hindrance in my job application process in the past, and I now know how to actively work on it, so it will not come in the way of me getting my dream job. If I had not done the assignments in the online programme, I do not think I would ever have gotten to know this. By reading my answers to the questions it all made sense, and I suddenly saw the link between my barriers and lack of job. It has been a gift.
Sine the material is mine forever, I know that I will always be able to go back and get help if I will need it at some point in the future.
I would definitely recommend the online programme to others.
It is more than worth the money. You will not get the information you get from the audio material and assignments anywhere else. I have been to several courses, but none of them have ever shown me this approach to the job ad, my CV or the cover letter itself. Everything you learn in the online programme teaches you something about yourself, which will help equip you for the job interview. There is so much value and so much good advice in the online programme and I will always be able to use it for my next job adventure.
The advantages of this online programme are first of all that you can go through each of the assignments in your own tempo and in your usual environment. Some of the assignments can be tough to do, but the online programme makes room for you process. You get a bunch of different tools that you can always use in other parts of your work-life, particularly in regards to who you are and what you want to do in your future career.
It has definitely been worth the investment.
It has changed my entire approach to the job market and my personal thoughts regarding what I can actually do – my competencies and experiences.
The material is extremely thorough.
You cannot put a price on the knowledge and tools you gain in this online programme.

By purchasing Anne Marie’s guide, you will never feel afraid or fear going on the hunt for you dream job.

Read what Lone gained from the online programme:

What was your specific “problem” since you chose to invest in the online course?
I needed inspiration in regards to my current job situation and my future career. I needed some new tools (ways to see “the world”) when it comes to how I view myself in a job situation, what I am good at, and what I like to work with.
I needed some input in regards to which jobs could be interesting for someone with my background and input concerning how to improve my CV and cover letter writing skills.

How has it really helped you?
In the online programme you will be asked a lot of questions where you should reflect on what you are like, how you act in given situations, and what is important to you. It has been amazing – and I have gained insight into some things and areas that I did not realize were applicable or relevant to me. I have become more aware of what career type I am – and my preferred “working conditions”. All there’s left to do, is for me to find my dream job.

What difference has it made for you?
I’ve become more aware of what a job should contain, in order for it to be right for me.

What have you discovered about yourself?
That in my heart, I might now want to work with what I do today – and that it is ok to dream.

And how can you use it in the future?
I know how to be concrete in the job application process, and I’m aware of my skills, strengths and weaknesses. I have also received great input in regards to my CV and cover letter.

Would you recommend it to others and why?
Yes, definetely. I think the material is good because you are challenged in how you think about yourself and in what you view as important in a job situation. You get clarification.

What are the advantages of the online programme, when comparing it to other types of counseling (you can do it when it suits you / pricing / other?)?
One of the advantages is that you can do it whenever it fits into your everyday life and you can listen to the audio material and go through the assignemnts over and over again, if you think it’s necessary.

Has it been worth the investment?
I got a lot more out of the modules than I had expected. I have also started to reflect more about my work-life and what is important to me in a job, which is great.

What would you not have discovered / learnt if you had not invested in the online course:
What specific values ​​are important to me and what dreams I could have for a future job. I also would not have gained all the good advice in regards to my cover letter and CV.

Other things?
Anne Marie is an incredible woman with a very good energy, and I always feel comfortable in her presence and her belief that everyone is able to get their career going.